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RCESR Discussion Paper Series

Naohito Abe, D.S. Prasada Rao
Multilateral Sato-Vartia Index for International Comparisons of Prices and Real Expenditures

IER Discussion Paper Series

Kamila Kolpashnikova, Man Yee Kan, and Kiyomi Shirakawa
Marriage Penalty: Unconditional Quantile Regression of Housework Participation in Japan

IER Discussion Paper Series

Kyoji Fukao, Saumik Paul
Baumol versus Engel: Accounting for 100 years (1885-1985) of Structural Transformation in Japan

IER Discussion Paper Series

Kyoji Fukao, Tatsuji Makino, Tokihiko Settsu
Structural Change, Capital Deepening, and TFP Growth in Japan: 1885-1970

CIS Discussion Paper Series

Noriyuki Takayama
Cost Sharing Schemes in Japanese Social Security Pensions: A Short Note

Noriyuki Takayama
How to Make Pension Systems Financially Sustainable?

CEI Working Paper Series

Ichiro Iwasaki, Xinxin Ma, and Satoshi Mizobata
Corporate Ownership and Managerial Turnover in China and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Meta-Analysis

CEI Working Paper Series

Kazuya Masuda
Length of maternal schooling and child's risk of malaria infection in Uganda: evidence from a natural experiment

CEI Working Paper Series

Kazuya Masuda, Maureen Chitundu
Post-intervention morbidity and growth among Zambian children who received multiple micronutrient supplementation using spirulina platensis: evidence from a randomized trial in Zambia

IER Discussion Paper Series

Taku Suzuki, Satoshi Mizobata
Social Confusion and Corruption: Investigating the Causes and Effects of a Breakdown of Ethics

CEI Working Paper Series

Pierre van der Eng
Long-term Trends in Gross Domestic Expenditure in Indonesia: Provisional Estimates

Kazuya Masuda, Maureen Chitundu
Multiple micronutrient supplementation using spirulina platensis during the first 1000 days is positively associated with development in preschool-aged children: a follow up of a randomized trial in Zambia

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