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UNAYAMA, Takashi

Professor / Research Division of Economic Measurement and Statistics / Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science

Japanese economy, Economic statistics


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Previous research

Through now, I have mainly carried out research by exploiting micro-data to elucidate the household behavior in Japan. My research covered estimation of the demand system, which represents consumption decisions at a single point in time, and that of the consumption function, which represents decisions made over time.
I am also interested in the nature of the statistics themselves that serve as the basis of analysis. Such research includes elucidation of the differences in savings rates between macroeconomic and microeconomic statistics and identifying issues of the Family Income and Expenditure Survey.

Current research projects

Currently, I am working on a project to develop new survey for use in more in-depth analysis of consumer behavior. The goal is to add new perspectives to decisions in areas such as consumption, financial portfolio choice, and supply of labor, by collecting information utilizing fintech, which has advanced remarkedly in recent years, and integrating it with multiple existing statistics.


Japanese economy, consumer theory, economic statistics, household expenditure survey