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Assistant Professor / Research Division of Economic Measurement and Statistics / Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science

Food and Environmental Economics , Fisheries Economics


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Previous research

I have focused on empirical research on contemporary issues such as fisheries resource management and sustainable fishery management and regional development through promotion of fishery in Japan. In particular, during three years as a researcher in the Fisheries Technology Department of the Kyoto Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Technology Center, I have clarified the actual situation of the fishery economy through field surveys and have conducted research on the fisheries policy of the local government.


Current research projects

At present, I am constructing a database on long-term household behavior during the prewar, wartime and postwar period and conducting quantitative analysis, as part of a project of the Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science of the Institute of Economic Research. I also analyze consumer behavior regarding seafood products and research preference factors of foreigners to Japanese seafood products.


food and environmental economics, fisheries economics, consumer behavior, commons