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SATO, Hideyasu 

Adjunct Assistant Professor /Research Division of
Frontier Sciences in Economics

Agricultural Economics


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Previous research

The purpose of this section of my Ph.D. dissertation is to estimate Japan’s demand and supply structure for raw milk, fluid milk, and dairy products; to build demand–supply models; and to conduct a simulation analysis of trade policy and distribution system. Additionally, I have included a study of agricultural economics and veterinary epidemiology on the impact of mastitis on raw milk supply, concretely considering the problem of butter shortage. After earning my degree of postdoctoral fellowship, I have been researching the effect of climate change on yield variations of rice, volatility of international prices for rice, and associated poverty in developing countries within the field of agricultural development and environmental economics.


Current research projects

My current interests comprise two research topics. The first is to estimate the elasticity of demand for substitution of agriproducts between domestic and foreign ones, which is one of the key parameters to analyze the impact of free trade agreement. The second is to estimate demand structure for each income category by using household microdata and evaluating differential increase in consumption tax rates by applying the Applied General Equilibrium model.

agricultural economics