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Japanese Prefecture Database

Kyoji Fukao and Ximing Yue

This database was constructed by Kyoji Fukao and Ximing Yue (2000) for their paper, “Sengo nihon kokunai ni okeru keizaishusoku to seisanyoso tonyu,” (Economic Convergence and Factor Inputs in Post-War Japan), Economic Review, Vol. 51, No. 2.
If you use this database in your research, please refer to Fukao and Yue (2000) and mention this database in your paper.

Method of data construction (in Japanese) [PDF: 26KB]: A more detailed description of the method of data construction than that provided in the appendix of Fukao and Yue (2000).

Output by prefecture (in Japanese) [XLS: 159KB]: Data such as “gross prefectural domestic expenditure in real prices,” “capital stock in the private and public sectors,“ “labor force,” and “human capital” which were used for the estimation of prefectural production functions. Factor mobility (in Japanese) [XLS: 1337KB]: Data for the estimation of capital movements and income transfers by prefecture. Please also see the Correspondence table on sheet names and sheet contents.