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Database on FDI and Market Structure in Japan

Kyoji Fukao and Keiko Ito

This database provides data on the presence of foreign-owned firms and the degree of market concentration in Japan at the 3-digit industry level based on aggregated micro-data of the 1996 Establishment and Enterprise Census. The construction of the database was part of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) program, “Research on the Potential Growth Rate of Japan”. Included in this database are, for example, data on the value of foreign direct investment by 3-digit industry classification, on service trade, and on inward direct investment in the United States by industries.

Paper (in Japanese), “Gaishikei kigyo no katsudo oyobi shijo shuchu do” (Foreign-Owned Firm Activity and the Degree of Market Concentration) [PDF: 78KB]

Tables (in Japanese) [XLS: 801KB]